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1 on 1 Personal Training

Personal or individual training primarily improves your health and then your physical appearance. That is inseparable whole. With a trainer’s help you can easily reach your goal because he has already had a set program for you. The only thing you need is your will and some space at your home, in nature or somewhere where you feel the most comfortable.

The trainer is there in order to motivate you, get involved with your life and push you when you need, if you train alone. The trainer shows by his personal example how does it feel to be balanced physically as well as in other segments that shape us.


Group training 2+

In case you like exercising with someone, either your partner or best friend, or both, a group training with personal trainer is the right choice for you. You will certainly save some money and have fun, while fat will be transforming into muscles, building the body you have always wanted or you used to have it, and now you want to get back in shape again.

You have only this moment, so you choose the right program for you NOW. You have already made the first step by reading this, the next one we are making together. I am here for you, to give you a hand when you fall and remind you that you are the strongest at that moment.

Benefits of exercising with a trainer:

  • Motivation and new life habit that will help you fell better day after day as you make progress
  • You will get a program that si adjusted to your needs and goals
  • The trainer simply feels you as you breathe, walk, talk , thus, he can change or modify an exercise for you
  • Under trainer’s control you will exercise properly, safely, without injuries
  • You will succeed faster than in case you train alone, because there is always someone who is always sitting on your shoulder (in case of online training – screen )
  • The trainer is in charge of sore cheek muscles and that curved line under your nose
  • With the gained physical performance you will have positive attitude towards your body, higher self-respect and love for yourselves ans well as for others


Total-Body Transformation is a program that combines many different sports. Exercises are created in a way to influence physical endurance, physical performance and motor skills, with fat reduction along with shaping, straining and strengthening the most critical parts of the body – thights, belly and buttocks. The very concept is created so that the intensity of the training is in accordance with your abilities and needs. Every training is different and it will never become boring. We are sure that you have never seen such a program and that you will be looking forward to every new training!

Give a chance to your body and health, give up bad habits. We will measure every progress carefully and rejoice it!

Cardio core ( CC ) 

Cardio core ( CC ) is the effective high intensity interval program where one cardio exercise follows one core exercise, with following rest. This is the program for those who do not have much free time during the day, and for those who want to treat each part of the body equally doing something different and entertaining. With CC you will burn fat effectively, strengthen your entire body and core stamina, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve heart health, shape your body and achieve wanted goals with maximum effort.



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