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“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.“ Nikola Tesla

Treatmants at a distance with tesla bioenergy

The intensity of these frequencies does not decrease due to distance, which enables that distance healing treatments be equally effective as in case a person is next to the practitioner.

It is important to know that these treatments are not substitute for doctor’s treatment and medical therapy, which you should not interrupt, but you should take necessary tests after the treatment so you can see whether there is some improvement. The treatment is about technique that is connected with influences from nature, which is very simple, thus extremely effective! Healing with tesla waves is based on holistic approach. It heals a person as a whole, since it represents the opinion that psyhological, emotional and physical conditions are connected and that it is important to attune all these aspects for the person to be healthy. Mainly, it is used if there is any disbalance or some disease, or simply if you want to improve the quality of your life, remove inner block and accumulated negative energy. By removing all negative influences, inner destabilizers enables you to accelerate your personal growth. What is important to know is that during these treatments with tesla waves we do not heal a single health problem or bad psychological condition, so that the practitioner does not have to know what is wrong with the client and why he/she needs a treatment. The method considers no contact at all, the practitioner does not touch the client during the treatment, but he/she creates certain conditions and the field of positive frequency around the client. Such frequences affect the whole person’s condition, at all leveles (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) finding and affecting the causes, removing energetic anomalities, returning to balance it encourages proper functioning and self-healing processes which lead to the improvement. It is obvious and deals effectively!

It is recommended to take series of treatments, with a week pause between each of them. Here we speak about healing method that stirs up self-healing. It is extremely important, maybe crucial, not only to believe or not in this method, but to have a STRONG WILLPOWER to come to healing or health improvement!

Whether the healing works or not, depends on a person individually. Most of the people who are eager to get well as soon as possible, experience the healing more effectively. It immediately leads to the visible improvement right after the first treatment, and by discovering and affecting the causes, the energetic disbalances are being removed, returning to balance again, triggering proper functioning and self-healing processes which lead to improvement. That is the thing that makes this type of healing so effective. Some people experience significant improvement after the first treatment, while other experience it gradually, over time. However, the person does not have to believe that the treatment will help him/her to experience wellbeing. The healing with tesla waves is a ’method’ for improving psycho-physical condition of a person, which leads him/her to faster and more successful healing.

Healing with tesla bioenergy

Speaking of personal healing with tesla waves, we use the very same frequencies as with group healing treatment. The only difference is at the intention and procedure of healing which is up to an individual. The purpose of healing is healing at all aspects: physical, mental, emotional. The frequenty asked question is, „ What is happening during personal healing with tesla waves?“

What happens is that certain spots and energetic meridians on the client’s body are being treated with the aim of stimulating energetic flows through them and to connect with energetic lines of the Earth and Universe. The purpose is to lead a person to improved psycho-physical condition, to begin the self-healing process in natural way, because there are used waves from nature, which exist in order to help us reach overall wellbeing and personal improvement. The aim of healing is to help a person, who goes through the personal healing process, to understand better oneself and fulfill all personal potentials, since the person is getting to know and connects with oneself. In some cases, there appears smell, that also has certain healing power, or even sound, music. Among previously mentioned benefits, this method enables the person the ability to make better decisions, greater ability to express love which is often blocked by some negative experience, since there is certain doubt and fear for expressing it. The healing helps the person to accept and give love openly and freely, or to release the sense of guilt and some repressed fears. It contributes the person to confronts lesser with oneself as well as the others. Some people, whose creativity is blocked, become more creative. What is exceptionally important is that some people discover the meaning of their lives and that their life has some sense, in case they have not had it before. It happens that inner blockades, which have disabled a person to enjoy the moment disappear, and to overcome negativity within when appears. The person under the healing process overcomes inflammations due to inner peace that comes with healing; the posibility of getting ill is reduced. The healing process enables the person to reach some higher energetic level and activate the process within which lead him/her to the inner harmony.