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Cord eng

Cord technique is the latest method that helps accessing higher flow of energy through the human body while awake. It is not only concerned about the bioenergy of the very body, but also the connection of the flow of cosmic energy. During lifetime we receive great amount of cosmic energy in our sleep and less while awake due to thoughts distraction. By lowering the brain frequency to unconscious condition the energetic charging in our sleep is boosting. That is the reason we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Because of the way of living, stress and inability to compensate energy, various diseases we cannot control and treat, are produced. The best known are psychosomatic diseases and metabolic disorders as a result of self-regulation disorder. The main cause is weak energetic body potential – the so-called essential holes in the aura, and self-regulation inability, which stands as a programmic option installed from the genesis.
Cord method is a new approach to the ”internet of universe”. By lowering of brain frequency, opening and reactivation of energetic system of chakras and with telepathic injection of information in the aura, it comes to activating of sleeping centers. Vibrations are permeating the body, but the spirit is meditative calm. And the most important – it comes to waking of emotions and feelings human kind have always had, but does not use them in the final cycle. It is a big mistake, because there is strength of mankind, and only with the development of emotions will we get the power which will lead us to the advancement of new evolution. Common frequency of positive human emotions transforms energy into higher form. Only by recognizing this approach it comes to changes on a spiritual level.

How the cord works

A special state of mind is achieved with special music that isolates external influences and makes an impact on brain frequencies. There are three recorded sound levels that cause conditioned reflex. It is very important for every next repetition. There are certain body positions (asanas) in the form of a pyramid that contribute to the increased flow and the first activation of the system. In these positions, it leads to resonance with given frequency which results in the first connection and the increased vibration, first through the first three earth chakras and then through the entire system. It leads to vibrations, first in the legs, then it is transmitted along the spine throughout the whole body. Increased flow causes a magnetic field and a sense of levitation, and spiral movements are the reflection of achieved connection with higher frequencies. The connection causes the incredible system resetting and the pleasant state of entire chemistry in our body. We can feel the unity and the reconnection which causes changes in physical and mental level. If we talk about emotions as signal amplifiers, instant cleaning of accumulated negative stress energy is possible. Energy does not have positive or negative sign, but the programs of use are ours and give us specific use in negative or positive direction. With special music and certain ritual positions, a specific visualization of pleasant place with a lot of light and emotion is needed. The vision of place is, in fact, a sanctuary for a soul which will fool the mind. Thus positional weakened pragmatic part of our consciousness does not interfere with the lowering of frequencies. Any analysis, calculation of the mind is moving us away from the aim. The aim is to calm the mind, activate the heart chakra’s balance and connect to the energy of creation. Then, the feeling is amazing. The whole process is managed by a trained instructor, who is passing on the information with his own energy, guided by the third eye. This energy also contributes to introduction to a special state of consciousness.

What do we get with the cord method

Many years of work with individuals, and later groups of people, led to experiences applied to two-day seminars. The greatest value and impact of the work in a seminar is that every student learns how to apply the technique by himself at home for free for the whole life, under a program that his/her nervous system can withstand. This way, everyone can increase the flow of energy and own health condition. This can have a favorable impact on all the processes in the body, as well as repair a damage caused by external influences of society and environment. The most important is the spiritual development which can be accelerated in accordance with a development of lighting body and flexibility of the nervous system. A specific state of mind caused by this way is very pleasant. Meditative calmness and the sense of fulfillment and happiness, connection with the earth and the universe are achieved. There is the possibility of new dimensions of thoughts and emotions which are inevitable flow booster. An experiential condition which is difficult to explain verbally. All the participants learn to lead themselves into this condition after two days, regardless of age and spiritual work. The effects of Cord techniques are always stronger in groups because the group creates an energy field of collective consciousness. Energy overflows and activates the exchange of information we are not used to. There is a spontaneous process which results in connection with the group. On the group reunions, you can always increase the impact of your system.

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